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Outdated ChatBot 0.8

Feel alone in your server ?

  1. Each players can enable/disable its own ChatBot conversation

    Why not change the way to command it to be more ... artificial player for everyone !

    The command (/chatbot on/off) is to enable/disable the ChatBot for everyone, like a panic button.
    For players it's somethings like:
    • "Hi Alice!";
    • "Yo alice";
    • "Where are you AliCe ?";
    • "Hey JoeBlow, do you know Alice ?";
    • ...
    When players say something with the namebot (default: alice) in the message for the first time, ChatBot ll be set to enable (on). To set it to disable (off), players need to say the namebot with the word "bye" in the same message... that make it more artificial player :p


    Well, instead of two commands on/off for general and players, players only need to remember to say it namebot to start and "bye" with namebot to close the conversation !
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