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Outdated ChatBot 0.8

Feel alone in your server ?

[​IMG] ChatBot
Feel alone in your server ?

I refer this plugin to ChatBot from PandoraBots, a free service ChatBot host and customisation. You don't need to be registered with the website of PandorasBot to use this plugin, but you can do it if you want to custom a ChatBot by yourself to make it talk more about like whats happen in your server, how to play minigame you have, who is admin staff, ... well, you can make a ChatBot to assist your players to help them or just to divert them.
I ll not explain you how to config a new ChatBot or how to custom it. It's not part of this plugin. You ll find so many tools and tutorial for all about ChatBot on PandoraBots website.

The config.yml file for this plugin content 4 informations;
  • chatbot: "on"
    • turn on or off the ChatBot;
    • can be toggled ingame with /chatbot [on|off];
  • bothost:
    • website where plugin send and get data API;
    • DO NOT CHANGE IT! (idk why I saved it in config);
  • botid: f5d922d97e345aa1
    • identificator for the ChatBot;
  • botname: Alice
    • the name of the ChatBot.
If you want to try another free ChatBot, you need to edit the two informations botid and botname in config.yml file. You must goto the Most Popular Pandorabots for Last 24 Hours page and you can choose one of those ChatBots listed. Copy and paste the name of the ChatBot and put it in the config file to botname. For the botid, you need to go to the chosen ChatBot page and look in the address bar to find it.
Ex: I choose Kevin, I click on its name, look at the address bar:
The botid is a23d6d96be347f91

If you have any question, bug report, constructive comment, ... feel free to leave them, I ll reply for sure !