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Outdated C4 1.0

Plant the C4->Hide->Wait for people to come->Set it off :D

  1. DarkN3ss
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Alpha 1.3.11
    Ever wanted to set C4 traps in Minecraft?, well now you can! With this C4 plugin. its very simple and easy to use, all you have to do is:

    1) Use /plant to plant the C4 in the position of you're player.
    2) Use /c4 to explode the C4.
    Its that simple. But it doesn't end there, You can also set the blase size for the C4 with the default size being 5. This can be done by typing the command /setblastsize <Size>

    In The Next Update
    Detonate the C4 with an item instead of typing command
    Alternate Categories:
    • Anti-Griefing Tools
    • Fun

Recent Reviews

  1. ben70191
    Version: 1.0
    now thats one awesome plugin. i rate 5 totally but could u make a command for us to be able to delete all c4 plantings. cause once u plant the c4 is kinda is there forever and has unlimited detonations and when u say c4 alll c4 on all worlds detonates so plz make a command for us to be able to remove c4 in the next update.
  2. Blair
    Version: 1.0
    Its a nice plugin i may consider using it on my Server, Keep it up DarkN3ss :)
  3. Darunia18
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin and such a simple idea that I should've tried to add to my plugin :P I love it though :)
    1. DarkN3ss
      Author's Response
      Thanks :P