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BloodFX 1.1.0

An advanced blood spray plugin - fully customizable!! :D (You will love it!!)

  1. BloodFX update v1.1.0

    BloodFX update v1.1.0

    New features:

    1. Allows players to toggle blood effects on/off on themselves!
    2. Now the amplifier is based on the amount of damage caused!
    3. The project is now open source! (GNU v3)
    4. API changes. sprayBlood() has 1 more param (Check out the documentation)

    Bug fixes:
    1. No
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  2. BloodFX update v1.0.2

    - API change, getInstance() needed (For devs)
    - (bug-02) Fixed int unconvertable
  3. BloodFX update v1.0.1

    - Config update! Blood type of each entities now save in data.yml!!
    - Config update 2! Added auto-file-update!
    - Added '/blood help' command
    - (bug-01) Fixed amplifier not working properly