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AlwaysSpawn 2.2.2

Force your users to spawn every time they login!

  1. Multi-World Compatibility

    • Added Multi-World Compatibility
  2. Rewrote Plugin

    The AlwaysSpawn plugin has been rewritten and now works again!

    Sorry for the long delay.
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  3. Fixes

    • Fixed /alwasyspawn set command
    • Fixed falling all the way through terrain bug
  4. Crash Fixes

    Fixed issue with server crashes when players join the server. :D
  5. API Update: New API

    AlwaysSpawn has been updated to the New API!

    Due to me having to re-code the entire thing, the plugin works slightly different than the old API versions did. View the new documentation for more information!

    NOTE: This is the first plugin that I have successfully ported/made for use with the New API without console errors. If there are errors or bugs DO NOT post a bad review. Just let me know and I will fix the issue ASAP.
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  6. Crash Fix

    This update should fix the server crashes! :)
  7. Forgot Something

    -.- I forgot to remove the Development build tags... Sorry about that...
  8. Major Update

    This update includes the following:
    - New Config.yml Generated
    - Commands Added
    - Player Position Can Be Viewed
    - Player Can Set Up Config While In-Game

    Please report any issues via comments or Private Message