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Outdated AllServers 1.2

An extension plugin of 'FastTransfer', teleport between servers more easy

  1. AllServers v1.2

    Fixed all sign related bugs
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  2. Permissions fix. bug fixes

    [SERVER] / [LOBBY] / [HUB]
    Other big fixes:
    Permission bug - Haha accually that's very funny, I posted 3 updates that doesn't really fixed permission problem, now it finally get fixed :D

    Enjoy the update! :D
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  3. A huge update + Huge bug fixes

    1. Added sign support, watch the overview page for more details
    2. Added '/addserver' command
    3. Added '/rmserver' command
    4. Improved permission system. If you use permission plugins, you have to reset the permission of the plugin. New permission nodes, please read them in the overview page.
    Bug fixes:
    1. Permission issues
  4. The most stable release, fixed bugs

    Fixed bugs:
    1. Whenever what IP in the config, it returns the message: You are already connected to the server! (fixed)
    2. Checks IP very slow (fixed)

    Now, please be sure that the plugin has the greatest performance form now.