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€¢onom¥$ 5.7

The massive economy plugin with many features

1. Hey! It have an error!
Report it HERE

2. The Plugins is bad:( I update my server to 0.12.1and why land,sell,shop can"t use The land will crash when player tauch it!!!!!!

Update your plugin.

3. How can I create shops?
You need permission and create with sign.
Line1 : shop
Line2 : (price)
Line3 : (item id or name)
Line4 : (amount)
Do NOT write '(' and ')'

4. Shops and other things are not saved properly!
You must close the console properly with '/stop'.
It saves the data when the server closes.

5. I downloaded this plugin with no extension!
Just rename the file to '' and extract it.

6. New API : EconomyAPI's command just says 'Couldn't find message resource.'
Please get the latest version.

7. When will MySQL database supported?
In the future. I cannot answer that question.