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€¢onom¥$ 5.7

The massive economy plugin with many features

  1. onebone
    For PocketMine-MP:
    PocketMine-MP 1.6 (API 1.13.0)
    You have problems? Report HERE
    - Please report bug in English or Korean. (Japanese is also welcomed.)
    - Please attach error log if the problem is ERROR.

    My goal is 99% bug FREE!

    Hi, my name is onebone aka one of bone.

    I'm going to show my plugin €conom¥$.

    I think my plugin has many features(?)

    - User oriented plugin
    - EconomyAPI Individual language support
    - Economy API support
    - Direct accessible API
    - Lots of configurations
    - Lots of events to handle
    - Fast processing with massive features


    1. EconomyAPI - Main of the €conom¥$ - All plugins below requires this plugin
    2. EconomyShop - Buy items
    3. EconomySell - Sell items
    4. EconomyAirport - Teleport by money
    5. EconomyJob - Provide job system into your server
    6. EconomyTax - Helps your server balancing money
    7. EconomyLand - Helps your server manage lands
    8. EconomyPShop - Shops for non-op players - requires ItemCloud plugin
    9. EconomyAuction - Open your auction!
    10. EconomyCasino - Do casino in your server!
    11. EconomyProperty - Buy your land with signs - requires EconomyLand
    12. EconomyUsury - Create your usury host and take a loan from host

    I will show you how to use my plugin €conom¥$.

    1. EconomyAPI
    First, EconomyAPI is the main of €conom¥$ that handles all of money data.

    List of commands:
    /givemoney : The command that gives money to player. The money will be not reduced to sender, it is OP command.
    /mymoney : The command that shows money.
    /mystatus : The command that shows status of money. It shows the rank or something like that.
    /pay : The command that pays money to others.
    /seemoney : The command that shows others' money.
    /setlang : The command that sets individual language.
    /setmoney : The command that sets player money amount.
    /takemoney : The command that rob player of money. It is OP command.
    /topmoney : The command that shows rank of money.

    Permission nodes :
    economyapi.command.takemoney instructions :
    add-op-at-rank: (Adds op at rank, boolean)
    default-money: (Default money, Integer)
    check-update: (Whether to check updates, boolean)
    command.yml instructions :
    - mymoney
    This is the example of command.yml that sets default /mymoney command to /mymoney.

    If you change command.yml as following :
    - mymoney
    - money
    You can use /mymoney or /money to see your money.

    2. EconomyShop

    ShopText.yml instructions :
    - [SHOP]
    - $%1
    - %2
    - Amount: %3
    This means if the top line of sign is "shop", I will change shop sign text into
    Amount: (amount)
    You can also modify '' which can change item name to show in shop sign. The shop that already exists won't change but the shop that created after the configuration changed, it will be applied.

    You MUST tap twice shop sign to buy items.

    3. EconomySell

    The instruction is almost same as EconomyShop.

    You can type as following to let players sell 1 of stone with $1 if you are in default configuration of ShopText.yml.
    You MUST tap twice sell center signs to sell items.

    4. EconomyAirport

    EconomyAirport will let players teleport to other place with paying money.

    The format of departure airport sign is :
    (arrival airport name)
    The format of arrival airport sign is :
    (airport name)
    The departure airport sign works when the target arrival sign exists. Make sure that the arrival exist before you ask me that airport doesn't work.

    EconomyAirportPlus has been removed due to the EconomyAirport will also handle world-teleport system.

    5. EconomyJob
    The EconomyJob supports place and break method.

    Instruction of jobs.yml configuration :
    "17:0:break": 10
    This is one of the configuration of jobs.yml.
    'tree-cutter' is name of the job,
    in "17:0:break" - 17 is item code, 0 is damage of item, break is the method and the 10 in the right side is earning money.

    "18:0:place": 10
    Means : If I place 18:0, I will earn $10.

    Permission nodes :
    config.yml :
    refresh-time: (The time of changing price of item, Integer)
    broadcast-refresh: (Whether to broadcast the item has refreshed the price, true/false)
    max-change-rate: (The maximum rate of changing money, Integer)

    6. EconomyTax
    EconomyTax provides your server a tax system.
    The EconomyTax takes money from players. :
    time=(Time of taking money, Integer)
    take-as-money=(Money of taking by money, Integer (Can be blank))
    take-online=(Whether to take the player is online or all, on/off)
    take-as-percentage=(Taking the money as percentage, Integer (Can be blank))
    ban-tax-evasion=(Whether to ban who couldn't have enough money to pay tax, on/off)

    'time' is the integer of minute.
    'take-as-money' is the money you've like to take from player. If this is blank, plugin will check 'take-as-percentage'.
    Taking money by 'take-as-percentage' can be changed by players' money. It takes as percentage of players' money.
    'take-online' sets whether to take tax whose in online or not. If the setting is 'on', it'll take money from online player, it it's 'off', it'll take from all accounts of EconomyS.

    7. EconomyLand
    EconomyLand provides your server a land protect system. If the player buys land, the land will protected for the bought player.

    List of commands :
    /land <list | here | move | invite | invitee | give | buy | whose>
    /landsell <here | land number>

    Instruction of /land command :
    /startp : Sets the start position.
    /endp : Sets the end position.
    /land list [page] : Shows the list of land.
    /land here : Shows the land where you are standing on.
    /land move <land id> : Move to land.
    /land invite <land id> <invitee> : Invites player to your land.
    /land invitee <land id> : Shows the list of invitee in land.
    /land give <land id> <player> : Give the land to other player.
    /land buy : Buys land.
    /land whose <keyword> : Queries the list of land-bought players.
    /landsell here : Sells land where you're standing on.
    /landsell <land id> : Sells land by land ID.

    If you use '/startp' and '/endp' command, you'll set the position where you'll buy. Then, you can use '/land buy' command to buy the land.

    The 'land id' is the land ID that shows in '/land list' command.

    EconomyLand will ignore Y axis. It will protect all of Y axis which is in area.

    Permission nodes :
    8. EconomyPShop
    This plugin requires ItemCloud plugin.
    EconomyPShop is the system that lets non-OP players to open their own shop.

    The format of the sign must follow :
    (item cost)
    (item id)
    (item amount)
    And, you must upload your item to ItemCloud service to open the shop.
    /itemcloud register : Registers as ItemCloud member. This command is used for reduce using RAM usage.
    /itemcloud myslot : Shows the count of slot.
    /itemcloud upload <item id> <amount> : Upload items to ItemCloud account.
    /itemcloud download <item id> <amount> : Download items from ItemCloud account.
    /itemcloud buyslot <count> : Buys slot. (You have to accept with /itemcloud buyslot accept to accept buying)
    /itemcloud removeslot : Removes slot (You have to accept with /itemcloud removeslot accept to accept removing)

    Instruction of using ItemCloud service:
    This ItemCloud service can be used for storing items as well as selling items by EconomyPShop.

    First, you have to register and upload your item. Then, you'll create the PShop (Player shop).
    Second, other players will touch your pshop sign and buy your item. Then, your item in ItemCloud will be removed.

    You must tap twice to buy items.

    9. EconomyAuction
    EconomyAuction lets player to open auction.
    Someone will open their auction and others will bid money. Then, the someone who have bid the most money will take the item.

    List of commands :
    /auction list [page] : Shows list of auctions that is ongoing.
    /auction start <item id> <count> <start price> : Starts auction with unlimited time until the auction stops in force.
    /auction stop [player] : Stops auction.
    /auction time <item id> <count> <start price> <time> : Start auction with limited time.
    /auction bid <player> <money> : Bid money to an auction. If the maximum price is larger or same with your bid money, bidding will be rejected.

    10. EconomyCasino
    EconomyCasino is the plugin that can open the casino game.

    List of commands :
    /jackpot <money> : Jackpot command.
    /casino start : Starts casino game.
    /casino quit : Quits casino game.
    /casino gamble <money> : Gamble money to your members of slots. You cannot gamble money which is larger than your owned money. If someone is lack of money to pay in your slot, the one will pay his/her whole money.
    /casino join <slot owner> : Join to the casino game.
    /casino leave : Leaves the casino game where you've joined.

    11. EconomyProperty requires EconomyLand
    EconomyProperty will allow players to buy land area made by server operators.

    List of commands :
    /property pos1 : Selects first position.
    /property pos2 : Selects second position.
    /property make <price> : Creates the property area.

    You can change the command of '/property' command if it seems it's too long.

    Permission nodes :
    config.yml :
    command: property
    pos1: pos1
    pos2: pos2
    make: make
    This configuration file is made for changing command.
    For example, if you change it to :
    command: p
    pos1: p1
    pos2: p2
    make: mk
    You can use '/p p1' instead of using '/property pos1'.

    12. EconomyUsury
    EconomyUsury will let your players create usury host and join to usury host. This plugin is a replacement of un-prepared EconomyAPI's bank and debt system.

    /usury host open <interest> <interval> : Open host with <interest>% of interest per <interval> minutes.
    /usury host close : Close host and return guarantee items to clients.
    /usury host accept <player> : Accepts <player> to join your host.
    /usury host decline <player> : Declines <player> to join your host.
    /usury host list : See who have requested to join your host.
    /usury host list <c|client> : See who have joined your host.
    /usury request <host> <guarantee item> <count> <due> <money> : Requests to <host> host with <count> of <guarantee item> and will return money($<money>) by <due> minutes.
    /usury cancel <host> : Cancel request to <host>
    /usury list : List of usury hosts.
    /usury list <j|joined> : List of usury hosts that you've joined.
    /usury left : Shows all left money that you have to pay.

    Clients should pay money with /pay command.
    If the due is expired, guarantee item will be given to host.

    It is that easy!

    EconomyS, the massive economy plugin with many features for PocketMine-MP
    Copyright (C) 2013-2015  onebone <[email protected]>
    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.
    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.
    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program.  If not, see <>.
    For developers
    The EconomyAPI is in the package 'onebone\economyapi\EconomyAPI'.
    You can import it to your plugin and just code like :
    The method which has changed name :
    EconomySRegister() -> registerList() deleted
    takeMoney() -> addMoney()
    useMoney() -> reduceMoney()
    getConfig() -> getConfigurationValue()
    takeDebt() -> addDebt() deprecated
    returnDebt() -> reduceDebt() deprecated
    deposit() -> addBankMoney() deprecated
    withdraw() -> reduceBankMoney() deprecated
    getMoney() -> getAllMoney()
    Thank you for reading this thread. Hope you like my plugin.
    Any questions and issues are welcome.

    - If you think that my plugin is missing stars, be sure to write reasons and check if you have followed instructions of the thread.
    - If something goes wrong with the plugin, please give me the specific information. Without information, it seems you are not sincerely want the bug to be fixed.
    - Please make sure you have looked at 'FAQ' tab before you ask a question.

    한국분들은 플러그인에 대해서 질문하실것이 있다면 한국어로 질문하셔도 좋습니다.
    Alternate Categories:
    • General
    • Teleportation
    Plugin Access:
    • Internet Services
    • Other Plugins
    • Commands
    • Data Saving
    • Custom Threading
    • Databases
    • Items / Blocks
    • Tile Entities
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      I am going to add an option whether to save shop data each time when it is changed. Sorry for inconvenience.
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