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WalkingParticles 2.2.4

An advanced particle trail plugin :D

  1. WalkingParticles v2.1.0

    WalkingParticles v2.1.0

    New features
    - Supports VanishNoPacket
    - Better configurations
    - Option to disable/enable particle effects on each player
    - Fixed a lot of API bugs
    - Fixed permission bug of '/wprand' and '/wpitem'
    - Option to have particle effects in certain worlds only (Can be enable/disabled) (Default is disabled)
    - Prevent errors, player data will be generated when the are logging into the server, instead of joining the server
    - Added some default particle packs

    New commands:
    - /wpon
    - /wpoff
    - /walkp on
    - /walkp off

    New Events:
    - PlayerEffectsEnableEvent
    - PlayerEffectsDisableEvent
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