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WalkingParticles 2.2.4

An advanced particle trail plugin :D

  1. WalkingParticles v2.0.0 beta

    WalkingParticles v2.0.0 beta

    New features:

    - Support PocketMine 1.6 (API 1.13.0/2.0.0+)
    - v2.0.0 only support PocketMine 1.6 (API 1.13.0)
    - v2.0.0 doesn't support PocketMine 1.5 (API 1.12.0)
    - Sign and main-command new alias! ('/walkp' , '[Walkp]')
    - More sub-commands, much functional!
    - set
    - version
    - checkupdate
    etc.. Look at '/walkp help' and '/walkp help 2'
    - More commands! (check the last pages of server help command!)
    - Added Random Mode!
    - Added Item Mode!
    - Added Particle Packs! (economy support for '/wppack' command)
    - Try other player's particles! (economy support)
    - Apply (use) other player's particles!
    - Economy support for 'try' and 'packs', support all economy plugins which are exist in the PocketMine forums
    - Added an advanced Update Checker!
    - Command to teach you to create signs!
    - Lot of new particles for mcpe 0.12.1!!!
    - EASTER EGG!!!! (hint: colorful)

    Bug fixes:
    - Okay, fixed ALL bugs from old 1.0 versions
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