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TimeCapsule 1.1.1

A numerated, changes-only backup manager

It gives me a permission denied error, am I doing something wrong?
This just means that your PocketMine-MP directory or part of it can't be written to by TimeCapsule, this happens on hosting services like servercrate where the user is only given limited access.

If I restore will all my stuff be removed?
During a restore TimeCapsule will attempt to revert all files that have changed and bring back any files you have deleted. It will not delete any files. Even so, you can lose changes and it is always smart to take a backup before restoring.

Can I delete backups?
You can delete any backup or backups that you want, you will just lose data from the backups that you delete. When you take a new backup the system will detect if the most recent backup is missing and act accordingly. If you delete all backups all data will be copied again.

If backups are changes only how can I obtain a full backup copy?
All backup folders contain the entire backup files, you can easily upload any of these individually to a cloud service without any files going missing. They are hard linked on the disk to eliminate redundancy.