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ServerChannels v1.2

Create customized private or public chat channels

Text format (Available on PocketMine console and on MCPE v0.11.0 and later):


Black ("&0");
Dark Blue ("&1");
Dark Green ("&2");
Dark Aqua ("&3");
Dark Red ("&4");
Dark Purple ("&5");
Gold ("&6");
Gray ("&7");
Dark Gray ("&8");
Blue ("&9");
Green ("&a");
Aqua ("&b");
Red ("&c");
Light Purple ("&d");
Yellow ("&e");
White ("&f");


Obfuscated ("&k");
Bold ("&l");
Strikethrough ("&m");
Underline ("&n");
Italic ("&o");
Reset ("&r");

Add and configure a channel:

Remember that you must have the "serverchannels.channels.<channel>" permission set to true to join the channel

1. Run the command "/sch new <channel>"
2. Go to "ServerChannels/channels" directory and open the channel config file
This is a channel config file:
#Channel Prefix
prefix: "&7[&bExampleChannel&7]"
#Channel Suffix
suffix: ""
#Channel format
#Available Tags:
# - {MESSAGE}: Show message
# - {PLAYER}: Show player name
# - {PREFIX}: Show prefix
# - {SUFFIX}: Show suffix
# - {TIME}: Show current time
# - {WORLD}: Show world name

format: "{PREFIX} &7{PLAYER}: &f{MESSAGE}"
#If you set this to false, only players joined in this channel can display messages
public: true

Configuration (config.yml):

#Date\Time format (replaced in {TIME}). For format codes read
datetime-format: "H:i:s"
#Log channel messages on console
log-on-console: true


/serverchannels - ServerChannels commands (aliases: [serverch, sch])
/sch info - Show info about this plugin
/sch help - Show help about this plugin
/sch reload - Reload the config
/sch list - Show the list of all channels
/sch join <channel> - Join a channel
/sch leave - Leave the current channel
/sch new <channel> - Create new channel


- serverchannels.*
- ServerChannels permissions.
- serverchannels.channels.* - ServerChannels channels permissions.
- serverchannels.commands.* - ServerChannels commands permissions.
- - ServerChannels command Help permission.
- - ServerChannels command Info permission.
- serverchannels.commands.reload - ServerChannels command Reload permission.
- serverchannels.commands.list - ServerChannels command List permission.
- serverchannels.commands.join - ServerChannels command Join permission.
- serverchannels.commands.leave - ServerChannels command Leave permission.
- - ServerChannels command New permission.