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Outdated PocketHungerGames alpha_0.0.8

Multiplayer gamesystem

  1. [a_0.0.8] Added KIT function and fixed a few bugs!

    #Commands for console:
    - /hg locktime <day | night> -
    - /kit add <kit name> <price> (level) - add kit.
    - /kit rm <kit name> - remove kit.
    - /kit additem <kit name> <ItemID> (damage) (count) - add items to kit.
    - /kit list - show kit list.
    - /kit info <kit name> - show info about it.

    #Commands for in-game:
  2. [a_0.0.6] added level system.

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  3. [a_0.0.5] a few bug fixes.

    +[Alpha_0.0.5] fixed a few bugs!

    - fixed a bug about "/hg protect" command.
    - fixed k/d point's formula.
    - added chest protection.
    - fixed a bug that doesn't kick a winner when a tournament finishes.
  4. [a_0.0.4] many bugs fixed!!

    +[Alpha_0.0.4] fixed many bugs!

    - regulated countdown intervals.
    - corrected the world backup function.
    - fiexd a bug about player respawn point.
    - cleaning dropped items on a world when a tournament finishes.
    - added lobby announces.
    - now you can enable/disable world protection: /hg protect <on | off>
    - confiscate player's things when a tournament begins.
  5. [a_0.0.3] A few bugs fixed.

    +[Alpha_0.0.3] a few bug fixes!

    #Bug fix:

    - when someones left it does not count it so when no ones left the plugin still thinks its still got players.
  6. [a_0.0.2] Many bug fixes and etc...

    +[Alpha_0.0.2] many bug fixes!

    #Bug fixes:

    - Players cannot pick up items.
    - Players spawn a wrong point.
    - Players can join your server when a tournament is going on.
    - minor bugs.

    - corrected "/hg record"
    - added "/hg setprize <prizemoney amount>". (needs...