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Outdated PocketHungerGames alpha_0.0.8

Multiplayer gamesystem

  1. [a_0.0.8] Added KIT function and fixed a few bugs!

    #Commands for console:
    - /hg locktime <day | night> -
    - /kit add <kit name> <price> (level) - add kit.
    - /kit rm <kit name> - remove kit.
    - /kit additem <kit name> <ItemID> (damage) (count) - add items to kit.
    - /kit list - show kit list.
    - /kit info <kit name> - show info about it.

    #Commands for in-game:
    - /hg - show info about you.
    - /kit - show info about kit.
    - /kit list - show kit list.
    - /kit <kitname> - buy kit.
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