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MagicTelePortal 1.3.2

Very EASY to use portal

Single command:

/mtp [world][x y z]
If you provide a [world] name the portal will teleport users there. If x,y,z are provided, it would teleport users to that location.


  • Portal to another world:
    • /mtp minigames
  • Portal to another location in the same world:
    • /mtp 128 70 128
  • Portal to an specific location in another world:
    • /mtp minigames 392 70 939
  • FastTransfer portal (New for 1.1.0)
    • /mtp

This will automatically create a portal in the direction you are looking. To use, just walk across.

To destroy the portal just break one of the supporting blocks.

Permission nodes:

  • mtp.cmd.mtp - controls access to the mtp command.
  • mtp.destroy - allow destruction of portals

Configuration (New for 1.1.0)

# How far can the portals be created
max-dist: 8
# Block-id of the border block (defaults to Nether Bricks)
border: 112
# Block-id of the center block (defaults to Still Water)
center: 9
# Block-id of the corners (defaults to Nether Brick Stairs)
corner: 114