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InventoryExchanger 2.3.0

Inventory Exchanger is a plugin that allows you to change inventory in same world.

Commands and permissions:
  • /inve change to change inventory (You have two inventories in the same world )
  • /inve help to show help page.
  • /inve info to show information about plugin.
  • /inve reload to reload plugin's configuration.
  1. - inventoryexchanger.command.inve: Allow /inve change command, default: true
  2. - inventoryexchanger.all: Allow all commands of plugin, default: op
  3. - inventoryexchanger.bypass.drops: Bypass drops protection, default: op
  4. - inventoryexchanger.bypass.deathdrops: Bypass Death drops protection, default: op
  5. - Allow /inve help command, default: op
  6. - Allow /inve info command, default: op
  7. - inventoryexchanger.command.reload: Allow /inve reload command, default: op