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GoldStd 1.2.2

A different economy plugin

  1. 1.2.2: Bug Fix

    • 1.2.2: Bug fixes
      • Fixing Effects permissions (reported by @may)
  2. 1.2.1: Bug Fixes

    • Weapons are detected using isSword, isAxe and isPickaxe.
    • Fixed bug that caused inventory to be lost (Thanks @reidq7 for figuring it out)
    • Tweaked the priority of event listeners.
    • Changed MPMU::itemName to ItemName::str
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  3. Misc Fixes

    • MoneyAPI fixes (Thanks @vertx)
    • Effects Shop
    • Can specify location in spawn command
    • Fixed spamming with multiple shops.
  4. Sign Shops and ShopKeeper

    • @Achak request
      • Added goods trading
    • Added casino, shop and trading signs
    • Configuration uses strings instead of codes
    • Compatible with other economy plugins
    • ShopKeep functionality