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EasyMessages v1.2.0

Send messages to your players with ease!

  1. v1.2.0 - Fixed and new features

    Fixed features:
    - Fixed permission issue, regular players can't use the plugin commands after this update
    - Removed /easymessages broadcastmessage, /easymessages broadcastpopup, /easymessages broadcasttip, /easymessages sendmessage, /easymessages sendpopup, and /easymessages sendtip, there were way too many commands

    New features:
    - Added /easymessages message, /easymessages popup, /easymessages tip to replace the removed commands, to send to everyone, just use @all as your second parameter
    - Added /easymessages motd, change the MOTD with commands now
    - Added scrolling popups and tips :D
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