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Outdated drawStuff 1.1

Draw different shapes, figures, and text.

For full documentation, please visit the documentation page at Documentation videos are also available here.

The following are a quick list of possible commands that are available.
/d help - gives a list of possible commands
/d help <command> - gives help based on specific command
/d record start - start recording a macro to play back later
/d record save <name>-save the recording
/d record cancel - stop the recording without saving
/d record delete <name>-delete a saved recording
/d play - give a listing of all the available recordings
/d play <name>- play a recording
/d undo - undo the last command
/d repeat - repeat the last command
/d set - set the default values for any of the parameters
/d cut - cut blocks out, replaces with air block
/d prism - builds a rectanglar prism with given dimensions
/d write - writes out a message in blocks
/d wall - builds a vertical wall
/d floor - builds a horizontal floor (or ceiling)
/d cube - builds a solid cube with given dimensions
/d box - builds a hollow box with given dimensions
/d pyramid - builds a pyramid shape
/d diamond - builds a diamond shape
/d sphere - builds a sphere with the given radius
/d steps - builds a set of steps
/d pool - builds a pool
/show_info - gives the direction and X,Y, & Z coordinates of the user