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CommandTracker v1.1

Track player's commands while censoring inappropriate conduct to enforce proper community etiquette

CommandTracker provides system administrators the capability to moderate player behavior by tracking commands and censoring language, ensuring proper community etiquette standards are followed to promote a safe and fun gaming environment for players of all ages.

CommandTracker logs every command issued by all players and from the console in chronological order to the system log, making it easy for administrators to identify inappropriate behavior in-context and take proactive action.

CommandTracker also offers censor capabilities to enforce appropriate language usage. Administrators can configure:
  • words deemed inappropriate to the community
  • commands to be evaluated for inappropriate word usage
System administrators primarily manage CommandTracker from the console. This ensures system policy for password obfuscation and command censoring are not overridden by players and operators.

  • /track bw-add <word> : Add a word to be censored (ban word add).
  • /track bw-del <word> : Remove a word from being censored (ba word delete).
  • /track cc-add <command> : Add a command to be censored (censor command add).
  • /track cc-del <command> : Remove a command from being censored (censor command delete).
  • /track sp : Toggles password visibility in console log (show password). Applies until reset or server restarted.

Note: By default banned words invoke a substring match; thereby, finding various root, prefix, and suffix variants.In some cases, this may not be desired; therefore, a complete word match can be qualified by adding the word with a preceding backslash "\" (i.e "\someword"). The backslash will inform the comparison operation to perform a word compare.


You can modify the _CommandTracker/config.yml_ file in the _plugins_ directory once the plugin has been run at least one time.
  • log-tofile (boolean) - Redirects tracking log from the console to a file in _CommandTracker/logs_ . Default: false
  • show-passwords (boolean) - Obfuscate passwords for SimpleAuth's "register" and "login" commands. Default: false
  • commands-censored (string) - Comma separated list of commands that qualify for censoring. Default: say,tell
  • commands-ignored (string) - Comma separate list of commands to suppress from tracking. Default: empty
  • words-banned (string) - Comma separated list of words deemed inappropriate. Default: empty