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CommandSigns 2.0

A Simple Plugin that Allows you to Run Commands by Tapping a Sign!


By Default, the Command-Sign Prefixes will be:

  • [Cmd]
  • [Admin]
  • [Console]
[Cmd] is for all players, [Admin] is for OP's and [Console] is for all players! (Console Runs a Command with OP Access so Be VERY CAREFUL when Making these!!)

These can be changed in the config file!


If you have enabled having a short message under the [Cmd], [Admin] or [Console] Prefix (enabled by default)

This would be the layout of your sign:

Line 1: [PREFIX]
Line 2: Description
Line 3: Command...
Line 4:...Command


Commands are multi-line compatible.

If you have disabled the message, this will be the layout:

Line 1: [PREFIX]
Line 2: Command...
Line 3: ...Command...
Line 4:...Command


There are many options, so far, there is:

Setting the prefixes (for the default values [Cmd], [Admin] and [Console])

Setting permissions (Creating and using CommandSigns)

So far, permissions are based on OP's and Non-Op's Only!

Setting a Command-Message (This is turned off by default, and if on, will send the player a message when a CommandSign is tapped)

You can also change the error messages for when:

A non-OP Places a CommandSign or Uses a CommandSign with [Admin] or your custom Op-Only Prefix.

Please PM-me any Bugs or Suggestions! :)