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€¢onom¥$ 5.7

The massive economy plugin with many features

  1. €¢onom¥$ v5.0 beta3 UPDATE

    • More stable bank and debt scheduler
    • Stabler language system
    • Able to set maximum amount of money
    • If there is no resource for set language, use default language resource
    • Fixed typo in MyStatusCommand.php. Thanks for @64FF00
    • Can't read file when it's phar format
    • Added touch-to-select feature
    • Fixed the bug that property sign is floating in the sky
    • Position...
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  2. €¢onom¥$ v5.0 beta2

    • Added EconomyShop, EconomySell
    • Changed package name
    • EconomyLand and EconomyProperty have rent system
    EconomyShop and EconomySell may be unstable.
  3. €¢onom¥$ v5.0 beta1

    Support for PocketMine-MP new API

    Supported plugins :
    • EconomyAPI
    • EconomyAuction
    • EconomyCasino
    • EconomyJob
    • EconomyLand
    • EconomyProperty
    • EconomyTax
    Others will implemented when the event related to sign has created.
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  4. €¢onom¥$ v4.7 UPDATE

    Rewrote EconomyShop and EconomySell database. Searching the shops and sells will be more faster.

    NOTE :
    - Please update EconomyShopPlus, EconomySellPlus also.
    - As this update changes database format, only SQLite3 database will be parsed. If you want to parse the database that you used before and you don't have SQLite3 database, please use EconomyS 4.6 to parse database and install 4.7.
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  5. €¢onom¥$ v4.6 UPDATE

    - Fixed a lot of bugs

    - EconomyLand can now disable checking protection for some worlds

    - Bug fix for EconomyShop and EconomyShopPlus

    - Rewrote EconomyAirport and EconomyAirportPlus
  6. €¢onom¥$ v4.5 UPDATE

    EconomyAPI 1.4.0:
    - Small optimization
    - Reduced some data

    EconomyLand 1.4.2:
    - Available to set white-world-protection as array
    - Can't pick up items in others' land
    - Changed database to SQLite3
    - Now available to limit player's land count

    EconomyShop 1.2.2:
    - Hopefully fixed the bug which shop doesn't work
    - Checks shop data

    EconomyTax 1.0.9:
    - Fixed bug that is crashing...
  7. €¢onom¥$ v4.4 UPDATE

    EconomyAPI :
    - Fixed bank, debt bug

    EconomyLand :
    - Preparing an language preferences file
    - Add configuration about handler priority
    - Added white-world-protection : It doesn't let players to edit world without buying land

    EconomyShop :
    - Fixed major bug

    EconomyTax :
    - Fixed some codes and calculation
  8. €¢onom¥$ v4.3 UPDATE

    EconomyShop : Added language preferences file
    EconomyProperty : Compatible with API 13 (Zekkou Cake)
  9. €¢onom¥$ v4.2 UPDATE

    EconomyLand : /land here shows land number
    EconomyProperty : Buying properties doesn't takes money bug fixed
    EconomyShop, EconomySell : The spaces of default were removed.
    Please make sure to remove your old
  10. €¢onom¥$ 4.1 UPDATE

    - Compatiable with API 12 (Amai Beetroot)
    - Fixed some bugs

    More bugs will fixed on the next version :p